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Code of Conduct

AQLC - Swimming Lessons - Code of conduct for children, parents and teachers

In general we are working together for the benefit of the children. We wish them to enjoy their lessons and enable them to learn to swim and therefore there is a natural need for cooperation between the 3 parties.

It is expected from the children that:

  • they listen to their teacher's instructions and follow them for their own health and safety
  • they cooperate with other children in their class
  • they display a reasonable behaviour before, during and after the lessons
  • they try their best 


It is expected from the parents that:

  • they help the teachers' work by displaying a reasonable behaviour before, during and after the lessons
  • if there is any issue about the lesson, first they turn to the poolside manager in order to solve the problem
  • mobile telephones are switched off
  • conversations with other parents are kept on a low volume
  • they do not threat the teachers by any verbal nor any physical way 


It is expected from the teachers that:

  • they conduct their lessons with the upmost health and safety
  • they prepare for and conduct the lessons to the best of their knowledge
  • start and finish lessons on time
  • report back to the parents and the poolside manager verbally on the progress of their swimmers
  • take short written notes and plan their next lesson ahead


All in all, it is very unusual that any of the above mentioned code of conduct is broken. However, it is very important that they are observed at all times.