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Peter Voros (T/A)

AQuality Life Centre

Swimming Lessons Summer (1) term 2017

All lessons are advertised with the condition of having appropriate numbers of applicants!


Monday 5.45-6.15 and 6.15-6.45 p.m

5.45-6.45 and 6.45-7.45 p.m  

St. Andrew’s School- Swimming lessons/Squad

4 weeks (24th Apr – 22nd May, no 1st May-Bank Hol)                                                      Price: £36


Friday 7.30-8.30 p.m   

University of Brighton - Super Squad

6 weeks (21st Apr -26th May)                                                                                              Price: £54


Saturday 10.00-10.30 and 10.30-11.00 a.m

 9.00-10.00 and 10.00-11.00 a.m                                                                      

University of Brighton - Swimming lessons/Squad 

6 weeks (22nd Apr -27th May)                                                                                             Price: £54



Bourne Hall swimming lessons :                                         


Starting on Tuesday, 18th April                                Price: termly payments or ad hoc, see below



Pre-paid 1 to 1 lesson: £16 (30min)

Ad hoc 1 to 1 lesson: £20 (30min)

Pre-paid 1 to 2 lesson: £22 (30min)

Ad hoc 1 to 2 lesson: £25 (30min)

Pre-paid Baby &Toddler group: £12 (30min)

Pre-paid-Beginners group: £9 (30min)


Pre-paid Squad: £9 (60min)

Awards: £4 (certificate and badge)


Discounts: £1 off for every child or extra lesson!

(N/A for 1 to 1 and intensive lessons)

After 3rd lesson or child, flat £7 charge applies.


Cancellation policy: No refund is given due to lessons missed unless illnesses/injuries resulting in more than 3 weeks hospitalisation. Alternative “catch up lessons” offered. Ad hoc lessons absence/cancellation resulting preference given to those who attend lessons prompt.



Payment methods:

1. NET Banking: Peter Voros

Sort Code: 62-30-53

Account Number: 04160972 

2. Cash