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My team

Péter Vörös (MPhil)

STA Aquatic Tutor, ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher & Coach,

STA Baby & Pre-school Swimming Teacher

I am from Hungary where I spent 4 years to become a qualified swimming teacher and coach. My real name is Péter Vörös but through the years I have become known as Mr Peter....

I used to work at St Andrew's Private School where I had taught for 13 years and had many National Champions...I established Mr Peter's Swimming School  in 2007.

In 2014 I changed my trading name  to AQuality Life Centre. I am a qualified ASA Swimming coach/swimming teacher and  also an STA Tutor.

AQuality Life Centre has 2 other fully qualified swimming teachers and 1 student swimming teacher, who are very experienced and work together as a team under the guidance of "Mr Peter". 

Péter Vörös